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Brass Music Stand

In looking for the perfect music stand, many people turn to a brass music stand. Brass stands give a classic look and are proven to last. They are elegant as well as functional and they are the perfect compliment to any musical instrument.

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Brass is strong, durable, and is perfect for almost every occasion.

Many brass music stands have a lyre shape and are adjustable. There are different types of adjustable brass stand that adjust from 37”-56” inches in height or some smaller spread in height. Most can support up to 6 pounds in musical pieces and scores. They have also have a stable base.

Once you decide to purchase your brass music stand, be sure to also purchase a music stand lamp. It is important that you will be able to see the pieces that you will be playing or singing.

There are other types of stands that you may want to consider as well. Wooden music stands also give a classic look and are very elegant. Be sure to look at the options.

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