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Cardboard Music Stand

Here are details to make your very own music stand out of cardboard. These are some guidelines and you can modify them to meet your own particular music stand needs depending on the height and size requirements that you are looking for.

Items Needed:

    cardboard music stand items needed

  • 1 piece of cardboard. - For this example, I have used a 20.5”X 13.5” piece of cardboard.
  • 1 Utility Knife or Exacto Knife or Scissors(if you are really careful)
  • Straight Edge Ruler
  • Tape - For this example I used Scotch Tape
  • Safety Goggles


For the main section of the cardboard music stand

  • Wear your safety goggles. Remember, safety first.
  • Measure out the dimensions of the cardboard music stand
    • cardboard music stand first cut

    • Measure 15” cut down the entire length of the cardboard. But do not cut the foam board all the way through.
    • Measure 13” and fold a 2” strip. This will be where it folds. This will be used for the rest on the music stand.

For the cardboard music stand table top base

  • With the remaining 5.5” Strip that is 13” long, you can now turn this into the base for the table top music stand.
    • Measue in 3” from each side and fold in.
    • cardboard music stand base

    • On the wings of the folded strip, trace the angle that you want to have your card board music stand at. Then cut out the excess cardboard.
    • Hint 1: I traced it on one side and then cut it out. Then using the scrap I flipped it over to the other side and then traced it and cut it out.
    • Hint 2: I left little raised in the cardboard flaps on the bottom so that I could cut small slits in the rest and stick in the card board bottom there.
    • This will help secure the music stand.

Optional Support Piece

cardboard music stand base support

I mainly needed this additional piece of card board to give support to the music stand. When you follow the directions above it is too top heavy and falls over. I cut angle too shallow. If I had made the side flaps larger (4” instead of 3”) I would have had more card board for support.

  • I then cut a 2” strip off the top of the main music stand to help solidify the bottom of the stand.
  • cardboard music stand complete base

    • I notched the piece and made a notch in the base to connect the two so that the 2” strip of cardboard would give added support to the music stand.
    • Then attach your main music stand to the base.

Rear View

cardboard music stand rear view

Front View

cardboard music stand front view


cardboard music stand completed

You have just completed your cardboard music stand. We hope you enjoyed this project.

Other suggestions:

Also, you can paint this black with black spray paint or some other color if you so desire as well.

These same principles can be used with cardboard as well. Check out what we accomplished with our foam board music stand.

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