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Foam Board Music Stand

Here are details to make your very own music stand out of foam board. These are some guidelines and you can modify them to meet your own particular music stand needs depending on the height and size requirements that you are looking for.

Items Needed:

music stand building materials

  • 1 piece foarm board or (foam core). There are different names for it. For this example, I have used a 30”X20” foam board or foam core that I purchased at the Dollar store.
  • 1 Utility Knife or Exacto Knife or Scissors(if you are really careful)
  • Straight Edge Ruler
  • Tape - For this example I used Scotch Tape
  • Safety Goggles


Main section of the foam board music stand

  • Wear your safety goggles. Remember, safety first.
  • Measure out the dimensions of the foam board music stand
    • Measure 15” or half way and cut down the entire length of the foam board. But do not cut the foam board all the way through. This will be where it folds.
    • music stand fold cut

    • Measure lengthwise 14.5” and cut off the 5.5” Strip. Set this aside. This will be used to turn the piece into a table top music stand later.
    • Measure 1.5” up from the bottom of the remaining 14.5” large piece of foam board and cut the length of the foam board. Once again do not cut through the foam board. This is going to serve as the bottom of the stand where the music rests.
    • Tape with the Scotch tape the cuts that did not go all the way through. This will help secure the foam board music stand and prevent the music stand from falling apart.
    • music stand tape

You have just created a music stand extension if you place this on your music stand, it will extend your music stand and you will be able to hold more music.

Here is a video for additional information.

Foam board music stand table top base

  • With the remaining 5.5” Strip that is 30” long, you will can now turn this into the base for the table top music stand.
    • music stand fold trace

    • On the opposite end of where the cut/fold is you can hold up the music stand and determine the angle that you would like the music stand to be at.
    • foam board music stand base

      music stand folded

    • Then trace/outline the stand and cut away the excess that you do not need.
    • For this foam board music stand, I left a slight lip of foam board that the bottom rest of the music stand can slide under. This will help secure the music stand.
    • You then will need to cut out the foam board on both sides of the base.

To finish, place the music stand into the base when the base has been slightly opened, so that it looks like a V.

music stand rear view

You have just completed your foam board music stand. It also fold up nicely so that it can be carried in a gig bag or a backpack fairly easily. We hope you enjoyed this project.

music stand completed

Other suggestions:

Feel free to use black foam board or foam core so that it will blend in more easily with the professional music stands.

Also, you can paint this black with black spray paint if you so desire as well.

These same principles can be used with cardboard as well. Check out what we accomplished with our Cardboard Music Stand.

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