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Folding Music Stand

In looking for the perfect music stand many decide to go with a folding music stand. Folding stands are light weight, collapsible, and are easy to carry. They are often made with aluminum which is strong enough to hold most music as well as light enough to not be too much of a burden to carry.

Things to consider when purchasing your folding music stand. orchestra pit music stands

  • Weight – Make sure that it is light weight and that even if it folds up, that it is not made of a material that is too heavy.
  • How does it collapse – Look at how the stand collapses and make sure that you will be able to fold it up properly and quickly.
  • Price – even with so folding stands there is usually a low end and also a high end for the product. Be sure to think about what type of stand that you will want. One that lasts longer and could be used for years, which is slightly more expensive, or one that will do the job nicely, but only for a year to two.
  • Height – Be sure to find out how high the stand extends to and also how wide the stand is as well.

When you consider these few items, you will be able to find the perfect folding music stand.

Also do not forget to look at some of the music stand accessories that we have available. They make great additions to your music collection as well as make your music life easier.

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