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Keyboard Music Stand

You pull in, start unloading your gear, and are chatting with your fellow band members when you realize that you can’t find your music stand. You do a mad search of your stuff and go back out to the van to check. Nothing. You are supposed to start in 15 minutes and you can’t find your keyboard music stand anywhere. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Unfortunately it happens way too often. So next time keep in mind these few things when you are purchasing your music stand.

keyboard piano keys

Is it small and compact?
When you are packing the entire band, including your drummer, you want to make sure that your keyboard music stand is small. You don’t want the drummer to leave it out.

Can it travel easily?
Is your keyboard music stand come with a strap or is does it fold to a size that is manageable.

Is it light weight?
When you are carrying your actual keyboard, you don’t want to have your stand be heavier than your actual keyboard.

Does it come with a carrying case?
If it comes with a case it is going to make carrying it a whole lot easier. A nice strap or piece of rope will also work if it is necessary.

Does it fit in with your keyboard?
If you have a keyboard case, you may be able to put the music stand in with your keyboard. I would caution you when you do so, as a keyboard music stand is a lot cheaper and may harm your keyboard. So be careful.

By answering these simple questions you will make sure that your next gig, you won’t forget your music stand and won’t have that stress before you play. So good luck and feel free to check out our site to see if we have the stand that you are looking for.

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