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Music Stand Design

When looking for a music stand you may decide to build you own. There are lots of different designs that are available. It is important to find a design that you like and would like to have around your home, office, or work. Be sure to follow the instructions in the design so that you come out with the perfect music stand.

Feel free also to use the designs as guidelines and go ahead and customize the design to fit your particular needs. After you have finished your music stand after using one of the designs, email a picture and your story so that we may be able to post the information here so it may be of benefit to others.

There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes when you build your own music stand. Being able to shape the wood, or bend the metal is extremely gratifying. Take the time to print off the music stand design that you like and good luck with your project.

Useful Websites

Below are some common designs and some links to some examples.

I will post other music stand designs here in the future so checks back often to see the other designs that appear.

Also, if you would like to see your design posted, feel free to email them to so that I may post them.

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