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Music Stand Lamp

The lights are dim, the band is jamming and yet you have to squint to see your music. Or you are in the pit and once again your can’t see your music. You swore to yourself that you would buy yourself a music stand lamp. So now here you are. There are a few things that you will to consider.

music stand lamp

Type of light

Consider an LED or some other type of bulb for your lamp. The LED lights tend to last longer, but are sometimes more expensive. You may want to opt for a traditional lamp. However if you do purchase a traditional light instead of the LED lamp, you may want to purchase extra bulbs. It is something to consider.

The color of the light

The different lights give off different types of light. The LED’s are slightly different than the traditional bulb. This is something to consider if you have sensitive eyes and are going to be looking at your music with the lamp on for hours.

The lamp height

If you are looking for a small lamp to clip on to your music stand there are many to choose from. But if you are looking for a floor lamp that casts more light over a larger area it is something to consider.

Built in or separate

If you already have a music stand you can buy a separate music stand lamp for your stand. They have different types of attachment depending on what you are after. There are stands that have built in lamps into the music stand. So be sure you know what you want.

So good luck finding the perfect music stand lamp for your needs and keep in mind some of these suggestions.

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