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Music Stand Light

One important item that you will most likely need for your music stand is a music stand light. Especially if you are going to be working in the pit of a stage you will need to find a light for your music stand. You do not want to miss a note because you were not able to see the piece of music.

music stand light

Make sure that it is easily collapsible and that it can fit onto you stand fairly easily. Many nicer music stands have lights that are built onto the stand where as others clip on the top of the stand. Both will get the job done, but you will want to find one that fits your needs.

Things to Consider

  • Type of lighting - Many music stand lights come with many different types of lighting mechanisms. There are LED lights, Fluorescent lights and some even offer black lights. Be sure to check out how long the bulb is good for.
  • Battery Operated – If they stand light is battery operated, check to see how many batteries they require. Most take 4 AA batteries. You will want to make sure that you have a set of spare batteries incase they start to go out before a performance.
  • Length of the clip – some music stand clips are only made to clip on the stand, while others are also made to hold the music down as well.

There are a bunch of different options out there, but be sure to purchase the music stand light that fits your needs. One final thing to consider is that the light will also fit into your music stand bag.

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