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Music Stand Plans

There are a lot of different music stand plans out there. Below are just a few of the plans that are available.

  • West Hills Wood - Wooden Music Stand with a creative way to adjust the height. A great resource.
  • The Wood Whisperer - Offers pictures for creating your own wooden music stand.
  • Wooden table top stand - Mainly a Cook book holder, but can give some ideas for a table top music stand holder. Could also be modified for a true music stand.
  • Cornish Workshop - Offers detailed images as well as step by step instructions of the process by viewing the various pages.
  • Stans Plans - Music Stand Rack and Book Rack. Not the most conventional music stand, but is another option.
  • Bubinga Stand - A very classy designed stand. Nice pictures but not much help on specifics of the creation.
  • Foam Board Table Top Music Stand - How to build a table top music stand out of foam board or foamcore.
  • Table Top Cardboard Music Stand - Basic instructions about how to make a table top cardboard music stand.

These are just a few. Be sure to check out some of these great products. They can make your music experience so much more enjoyable.

  • Here is an excerpt for a stand from the Traditional Furniture Projects By Fine Woodworking. The article is by Lance Patterson.

  • Here is an excerpt for a stand from the American Woodworker in Feb of 1995.


Here is a video for making a music stand extension to be able to hold more music on your stand.

Music Stand Checklist - Is a great resource with questions to ask yourself to help make the right music stand choice.


Ways to Keep Music on the Stand.

  • Put music in binder
  • Put in plastic sheets
  • Tape sheet music together
  • Use Paper clips
  • Use black paper clips
  • Put long object in front of music so that it will stay in place
  • Rubber band around stand

There are a lot of different options but here at the Music Stand Shop we have everything that you are looking for.


Here are a few articles on various topics.

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