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Musician Stand

Every musician needs a music stand. It is just part of the job. When you are practicing, or performing you will most likely need a stand for your music. It is important to find a musician stand that is perfect for you.


If you are like most musicians you probably move around quite a bit playing at different gigs or concerts. In and out, set up take down. It can get very tedious. But it is important that if you play often at different locations you will need a portable music stand. You will want one that folds up, collapses down, or has a bag to carry your stand around with.

musician music stand onstage


If the purpose of your musician stand is just for practice, then you don’t need to be too picky. But if you will be performing with it, you need to look for a stand that fits it’s purpose. If it needs to adjust to a specific height, keep that in mind also. So be thinking about the purpose when purchasing your musicians stand.


If you are looking for a nicer, more traditional musician stand, you may want to go with a wooden music stand. There are many different styles and also types of wood. You may decide to go with a walnut, cherry, or oak. These types of woods are very stable and have been used for ages. There are also aluminum, brass, and other metals that are used and may be better suited for your type of work.


Finally, if you are in a band, or perform often solo, you will want to find a stand that fits your personality. You may want to give it some character by adding decals, spray paint or something else to make it fit your style. So don’t forget to be creative and give it a little pizzazz.

So keep in mind when you are looking for the perfect musician stand whether or not it is portable, what it's purpose, the material it is made out of and also if it fits your personality.

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