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Orchestra Music Stand

To convey the proper image and set the bar for your orchestra, it is important that the music stands represent your orchestra in both type, match, and quality. Orchestras are a special circumstance when it comes to music stands. They need to have all matching stands and usually stands that stack easily so that they can be put away. If they do not stack easily they should easily fold up so that they can be stored easily. Below are few things to consider when about to purchase orchestra music stands.

Cello playing while looking at music stand


You will want to find a type of stand that will be suitable for your orchestra. The stand may be made of fine wood such as oak, cherry, or walnut. Or it may be a traditional stand such as black. The more traditional music stands are often used as they will draw the attention to the musicians as well as the music. Be sure to consider the type of stand that meets the needs of the orchestra.


It is important you match the stand for the type of orchestra that you are performing in or that you are conducting. If the orchestra is a middle school orchestra, then they will most likely not be so picky as the type of music stands that are being offered. However, if you conduct any prestigous symphony or orchestra, you will need to make sure you find the right match.


It is important that you purchase your orchestra music stands that you purchase quality. With hours of practice and then performing, it is important that they are built to last and also withstand the rigors that the stands will be under.

So when searching for your orchestra stand be sure to consider they type, match, and also quality. You may also want to look for additional music stand accessories such as music stand lights, pen holders, or other items.

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