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Sheet Music Stand

When looking for a sheet music stand it is important to make sure that the stand is wide enough to hold all of your music. This is an important feature to have especially when trying to read some of the longer pieces that are out there.

Things to consider

Width of the Stand

When you are shopping for a sheet music stand consider the width of the stand. Most everyone has experienced the "normal" stand and how much music that you can place on one of these stands. But there are some music stands that are much wider. These wider stands are a bit more friendly for sheet music.

sheet music stand and microphone

Portable or not

When looking for a music stand you may want to consider getting one that is portable. They collapse easily and are usually light weight. However, often they are not the most sturdy so be sure to consider this. You may also want to get a bag for your stand as they can make transportation much easier.


There are music stand extensions that are to be used specifically for large pieces of sheet music.


When you are picking out a music stand that is going to be holding a lot sheet music, make sure it has some strength. You will want to check the material that it is made out of to be sure that it is solid.

Be sure to check out our checklist of things to consider before you purchase your music stand.

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