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Stacking Music Stand

Stacking Music stands are a necessity for any orchestra or symphony. You need to be able to quickly stack and move many different stands for your upcoming performances. Most stacking music stands that are available are black as is customary. They stack in an easy fashion and are available to stow away so that do not get in the way when you are cleaning off the stage or set of where the performance was held.

Things to consider for your Stacking Music Stand

Music Stand Rack

You will need to make sure that that you also have a stand to stack the music stands on as well. Make sure that the wheels move easy and quietly so that you can move the stands around. When you purchase multiple stacking music stands this is a necessity and you can possibly arrange some sort discount.

orchestra pit stackable music stands


Foot pads on the legs of the stand. When you are moving around multiple stands around, you want to do so as quietly as possible. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience for those setting up the stands as well as those possibly in the audience as viewers.

Weight, Height, and Material

Consider the material that the stand is made of as well as the height, and weight. The material will determine the weight, but you will want to make sure that the stand is sturdy and durable and is built to last. Also make sure that the stands are also adjustable so that they can be set at different heights if need be.

There are lot of good resources and vendors out there that offer stacking music stands. Also be sure to look over our things to consider when looking for a music stand. This offers great tips and a checklist you can use to find the perfect stand for your situation.

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