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Four Simple Orchestra and Symphony Performance Tips

To avoid being a little apprehensive about your upcoming symphony performance be sure to follow these four simple steps. To hope you be as comfortable as possible here are a few steps that you can take to make your piece in the symphony or orchestra is smooth as possible.

Cello playing while looking at music stand

Practice Practice Practice

The best preparation that you can do to prepare for your orchestra or symphony performance is to practice. Unfortunately there is no better way to prepare than frequent practice. There is no real crash course to get around practicing. Be sure that you have practiced your sections of the symphony and have practiced the difficult parts frequently. You will be confident going into the performance knowing that you can play the symphony well.

Be There Early

If circumstances allow, be sure to visit the concert hall ahead of your performance. Visiting the hall will allow you to visualize yourself playing in the concert and will help you focus as you practice. This will also allow you to be more comfortable when you are about to perform. This visualization is extremely beneficial. It can help put you at ease. Being early will allow you time to make sure that your instrument is tuned correctly and that you have everything you need to perform at your best.

Don’t forget the Instrument

This is easy to say, and also easy to do. However you would be surprised how many people forget their instrument. Whether it be because they are running late, relying on someone else to bring it for them, or something else. Do not forget your instrument. Also many people sometimes forget a piece of their instrument. Whether it is broken, or you had it at the shop, or you forgot to put it back in the case, double check that you have all the pieces of your instrument.

Bring your Music

The last step is to be sure that you bring your music. If you have not memorized your piece yet, you will need to make sure that you bring your sheet music from which you will be performing. This is also easy to forget, but make sure that you have it with you. There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting your music or feeling rushed or flustered before you perform.

To ensure a smooth symphony performance, make sure that you practice, visit the concert hall ahead of time, bring all the pieces of your instrument and bring your music. These steps will help make the performance a magnificent one for both you and the audience.

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