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Walnut Music Stand

Walnut wood is some of the most beautiful and elegant wood that exists. There is lot of various types of wood that you can use for your music stand but if you are going for a nice dark wood that is very strong and beautiful you should go with walnut.

walnut music stand with bass

Cherry and Oak are also common woods that are used in many music stands but walnut offers you the stability that you are looking for as well as the "class".

Be sure to check out our music stand designs so that you can find the pattern that is perfect for your needs.

Types of walnut vary. You will want to find a stand that has nice grains in the wood.

Walnut wood is somewhat expensive, so do not be surprised when the different music stands are less expensive. When you purchase your walnut music stand it may be more expensive, but it will be worth the extra possible cost. It will be a stand that you will have and benefit from for years to come.

A walnut music stand will be beautiful for any occasion.

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