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Wooden Music Stand

Wooden music stands bring many fine qualities. They are perfect for symphony orchestras as well as home practice stands. Below are a few of the great qualities of wooden stands.


Wooden music stands are very practical. They are very useful for people of all ages, children all the way up to retired individuals. These stands are great for home use as well as for concert performances. With these many different uses, it is obvious why wooden stands are so practical.

wwoden music stand


Wooden stands offer great stability. They are often very heavy which is both a drawback as well as a benefit. When you are moving your music stand often it may not be the best stand for you. A collapsible or folding music stand may be a better option for transportation if you use your stand in many locations. But if you do not move your music stand often, then a wooden stand is a great type of stand for you. It is very traditional and will meet your needs.


There is also a certain elegance that comes with many of these stands. They are often very ornate with intricate wood work and fine detail. If this is the type of stand that you are after, be sure to search out one with the detail that you are looking for. These fine wooden stands come often in cherry or walnut or sometimes oak.

Can possibly build it yourself

Be sure to check out music stand designs to find a stand that you can possibly build yourself. There is a great satisfaction that comes when you build something with your own hands. If you are looking to buy a wooden music stand there are many fine craftsman who have labored diligently to build and create beautiful music stands for others to enjoy.

So in assessing wooden music stands, they are a great option if you are looking for a very traditional, stable, practical, often elegant music stand.

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